#664 The Lord is my #light, my light and #salvation. In God I #trust, in God I trust. 


#312 When you’re #hungry and there is nothing to eat, except for a few crumbs; it can leave you feeing like something is missing or lacking…like there is a gap that needs filling. Usually this happens fairly swiftly after a visit to the supermarket, but what if it is night time and all of the shops are shut? You would have to go to bed with that feeling of #emptiness. This weekend has left me feeling empty…the knowledge that some really good friends are no longer there, won’t turn up to Morning Prayer on Monday and won’t be in breakfast, has left me feeling somewhat bereft. It’s hard to sit with that feeling, but I #trust that where God closes a door, somewhere he opens a window!!

President Of The Common Room

#85 Today I was elected President of the Common Room at theological college and this staff represents the authority and responsibility that goes with that role. It is incredibly #humbling to think that my fellow ordinands have put their #trust in me to represent them and advocate for them. The #responsibility that people put in our hands can be incredible. We need to face it with confidence, sensitivity and, as I have pledged #dojustlylovemercywalkhumbly with them! (at Ripon College Cuddesdon)

#23 信 (shin) means believe and is also used to express faith, trust and sincerity. Jesus told his followers “do not fear, only believe”. These words struck me as simple and yet so difficult to put into practice. Naturally I seem to see the potential problems, or worry about what could happen rather than just believing that all will be well. The Kanji character and its further meaning made me think of the sincerity of Jesus – we can absolutely trust and believe!
#believe #trust #sincerity #shin

Feline Sisterhood

#5 This is solidarity and sisterhood! In the face of adversity with packing and moving of furniture, these two are pulling together in a way that is quite uncharacteristic. Perhaps they are bonded in their dissatisfaction with this unsettling period, or maybe they are clinging to each other for strength and reassurance. It made me think about who, or what, I cling to…and acknowledge that I should be trusting and clinging to God more than I do!
#solidarity #sisterhood #trust