#686 Always good to support #charities @BetelHQ helps people with addictions to turn their life around and in parallel they gain a craft and turn old furniture into beautiful new treasures

Restored Furniture

An empty disposable coffee cup


#547 “But we have this treasure in clay jars, so that it may be made clear that this extraordinary power belongs to God and does not come from us.” #2corinthians4v7 This evening the clay jars were likened to a disposable coffee cup, with the reassurance that it’s alright for the cup to be empty as God fills it up!  What’s inside is our treasure from God – how beautiful is that! We also had the pleasure of Bishop Helen-Ann Hartley presiding at our community Eucharist – such a blessing!


#451 One persons rubbish is another’s #treasure. It always amazes me how differently people might view the same thing, where some see it very positively and others negatively. There ismore than one way of seeing something, so should we be looking more carefully for the alternative potential of that which we are quick to discard? #cherish

Treasuring the moment

#335 Where time is limited, how would you spend it and who with? What last things would you want to say? What would you treasure? What would you wish to be remembered for? #treasureeverymoment

Rubbish or treasure?

#268 One persons rubbish is another persons #treasure! I spent the day with @emmausoxford yesterday. It was brilliant to see a different way of bringing people out of #homelessness and #addiction. Emmaus enables someone to work their way out of homelessness, and leave their addictions behind. A brilliant and inspiring organisation. The team are working to open a new shop and some of the companions were making a desk for the shop out of scrap furniture which looked like it was going to be amazing!  

Listed Buildings and Treasures

#238 The importance of #preservation. This and another identical entrance are part of a building which was known as the Derby Royal Infirmary. It seems a little odd to leave such a small part and yet these where the only elements which were #listed. How is it decided which buildings, or in this case parts of buildings, are important enough to preserve? Is it similar to how we choose which objects from our lives to treasure perhaps? Or memories? Or experiences? What would your listed objects/memories/experiences be? What would you discard?

#43 宝: What do you #treasure ? Today is the Festival of the Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary and we had a celebratory Eucharist service to mark the occasion this morning. One of the first things we were encouraged to think about was that Mary had “Treasured all of these things (about Jesus’ childhood) in her heart”, and what things do we treasure in our hearts? I have been reflecting today on ‘treasure’ therefore. There are a number of memories that I treasure but I also treasure time with people, the feeling of love, and being loved, experiences of God. I’ve been reading about Church History today and was struck by a particular piece of advice intended for novice monks to “strive to withdraw your heart from the love of visible things, and direct your affections to things invisible”. It is easy to appreciate physical things, but perhaps the real treasure lies in what cannot be seen. This became more apparent as I’ve spent the last hour trying to brush up on my Japanese calligraphy…skills in the arts, music, sports, literacy, (today is #internationalliteracyday2015) etc. are easy to admire but difficult to acquire, and should be treasured rather than forgotten about!! So, what do you treasure in your heart? (at Ripon College Cuddesdon)