Torn on Tea

O-cha, ban-cha, oolong-cha, macha
So many different teas enjoyed hot or cold
Green tea – the scent of Japan waiting to greet
those who arrive at Kansai Kuko
From the traditional tea ceremony
to a bottle of hot tea sold in a vending machine
all form the unique Japanese culture
All map a journey which weaves together
the ancient and modern to shape a rich heritage
of leaves or green powder that find their way
to the small tea cup which has no handle
These teas are so exciting, so mysterious
Variation unlike anything previously known
Entices, attracts, intoxicates and mesmerises
How could I ever go back to….

The British cuppa, builders brew
either in a pot or a cup, but always bag
Hardly an aroma which tantalises
attracts even, the taste buds
Impossible to notice or taste every tea leaf
It’s just something to wet your whistle
tea was an offering when we had nothing
A brew was something which overcame tears
and gave us a reason to come together
In times gone by everyone had a teapot
which would never seem to struggle to supply
These days this is a rarity, a precious commodity
More often individual teabags are used
to create a one-cup wonder…it is a wonder
that anyone talks to anyone without communitea

Beauty of friendship

#640 #threeoldfriends #threeteacups and plenty of cakes! The beauty of relationships which never change…true friendship is measured not by time spent together, but by the strength of the bond when they are there. 

We will remember

#472 As I remembered on the #eleventhhour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, I was drawn to think about #families in particular – those who have loved and lost. Family is where ordinary life happens, where we gather, where we squabble, where we are accepted and loved and where we love in spite of so much. Today I remember the many incomplete families of the past and the present, and their brave members who have sacrificed their own lives for the lives of many. #wewillrememberthem 


#324 Home is so complicated for me at the moment…It never quite feels complete! I’m either in a space with all of my things, but missing friends and family, and at times my partner, or I’m amongst family and friends but don’t have my home comforts. Perhaps I need to think more simply: today #home is a #cupoftea in my favourite cup, whilst sat in familiar surroundings…with a cat! #itsgoodtobehome

Beautiful tea…

#270 A beautiful gift came through the letterbox the other day from a lovely friend…#chocolatetruffletea in gorgeous silk bags! In the midst of a very busy week these were a breath of fresh air and made me smile – and tastes amazing too! With thanks to a fellow #tealover 

Set Yourself Up For The Day!

#259 #breakfast is about preparing yourself for the day, physically as well as spiritually and mentally. It is the most important meal of the day for me and I take so much pleasure in sharing it with others. This morning, after #morningprayer with #tea I made #blueberrypancakes to share with friends – a great way to start the day! #sustainyourself #sustainyoursoul 

Taking Things For Granted

#258 This afternoon there was a #powercut in the village which stopped me in my tracks. I had been doing some work but the Internet and printer were both off. I had been meaning to get a cup of #tea for some time but that was not possible as even the hob is electric. There was no radio, no tea, no food (I was just going to toast some crumpets) and no phone as there is little to no signal without an Internet boost. It was a very quiet hour which made me think about how much I take for granted in our modern, fast paced society. After the power returned, my tea and crumpets tasted better than ever, but I also appreciated the #stillness and #silence. whilst it is an inconvenience, there is a greater #appreciation for something once it has gone. It made me wonder what, or who, in life should I have more appreciation of before it is too late…


Lazy Days

#257 What could be better than a day of #tea #crumpets #crocheting and an #awesomebook

With holidays soon to be over, it’s important to #bekindtoyourself and be able to return to work #refreshed.

Smoky Russian Caravan…

#253 I received some Smoky Russian Caravan #tea through the post as a gift. It is my favourite tea, with a lovely taste which just envelopes and relaxes you. A cup of tea is a #beautifulgift – one which I cherish and thank God for today.