“As Christians, we have become so fixated on our roles as servants that we miss out on the relationships of mutuality that the Spirit wants to knit between people.”

Craig Greenfield: Subversive Jesus


#458 #guestnight at college! Why is it more difficult to #beserved than to #serve?

Summer placement

#334 My #summerplacement has begun! For a month I will be walking alongside the parish of All Saints, observing and taking part in their ministry. It’s both a privilege and daunting…but exciting!


#320 This #flowerfestival was based on television programmes. This particular entry was based on #downtonabbey and was just lovely. The hard work that went into this festival behind the scenes is huge. Downton Abbey showed something of the hard work which went into serving and caring for a family, as well as an estate. Something I took from the programme was the family’s sense of responsibility to ensure that the estate ran in order that people were kept in employment. Where do out #responsibilities lie in society today?

Living in Community

#289 What I love about living in #community are the #relationships. It’s a little bit like a family, and when something goes wrong for any one of us, all are there, doing what they can to #love, #serve and #support either practically, spirituality or emotionally. Relationships are key to #beinghuman and the more we invest in them, the better we get along…how can we invest more in one another to make relationships in our communities better?