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Day of rest

#416 #day28 was my last day off from placement…and I felt totally exhausted! A #dayofrest is so important, it refreshes us so that we are able to all that we are called to! #sabbath #taketimetorest 

#74 #sabbath #exodus20v8 Remember the sabbath day and keep it holy. (at Java&Co Abingdon, Independent Coffee House)

#46 Today I took myself off for #sabbath time…time to rest and not work, read, do housework, but just be alone with my thoughts and #prayers. I ended up walking for two and a half hours!! As I was walking, the wind was pleasant, but all around me. I was reminded of a time when someone explained God using a wind analogy – you can’t see Him but you can feel Him, and you just know He’s there. Gradually I began to feel #closertogod and the world around me almost paled into insignificance. Whether religious or not, I wonder whether you take time to rest and just think about nothing? Have you had an experience of awesomeness, and feeling in the presence of God/divine figure/something you cannot quite explain? It can be so refreshing…

#14 Sabbath – day of rest! A funny thing to think about on the first day back at work after the weekend, and yet it is so important for us to find rest in our busy and pressured lives. We need to have an element of rest each day to be refreshed for what is to come tomorrow. “The sabbath was created for humanity, not humanity for the sabbath.”
#sabbath #dayofrest

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