Parable of the sower

#474 This evening I preached on #parableofthesower and questioned whether there is more to the parable than meets the eye. What if it were about #community and the #seeds represented people in the community. Birth or luck may place them in the #margins (seed on the path), #disillussioned (rocky ground), #selfsufficient and #successful (thorny ground) or aware of the #weightofresponsibility (good soil). What does that mean though? Do we all understand one another? Do we listen to one another? Do we know what each other needs? What if Jesus is calling us to do all of these things, to be #goodsoil, to draw into relationship with all people in our society? Would that help us to glimpse the glory of the kingdom?

Funeral ministry

#399 #day17 of placement involved a funeral preparation visit. Having been involved in a #funeral in the first week of placement, along with this has given me a real sense of the importance and privilege of #funeralministry. It seems to be one huge act of #service to a family, both in getting the preparations right, but also with pastoral care of mourners long after the funeral, when society expects normal life to have resumed. it’s such an important ministry which is a #privilege and comes with a huge #responsibility. 


#320 This #flowerfestival was based on television programmes. This particular entry was based on #downtonabbey and was just lovely. The hard work that went into this festival behind the scenes is huge. Downton Abbey showed something of the hard work which went into serving and caring for a family, as well as an estate. Something I took from the programme was the family’s sense of responsibility to ensure that the estate ran in order that people were kept in employment. Where do out #responsibilities lie in society today?

Hindu Society

#231 As part of my placement I had the privilege of attending a Hindu Society meeting. It was so encouraging to see that the #hindusocietycommittee are taking seriously their #responsibility to create a #safespace to discuss real issues affecting young Hindu’s who have grown up in a #westerncontext The desire to be faithful to #god and #hindufaith was evident and incredibly encouraging. (at Loughborough University)


#105 My robes have arrived and sparked #excitment as well as an increasing sense of the #responsibility that goes with wearing them… (at Ripon College Cuddesdon)

President Of The Common Room

#85 Today I was elected President of the Common Room at theological college and this staff represents the authority and responsibility that goes with that role. It is incredibly #humbling to think that my fellow ordinands have put their #trust in me to represent them and advocate for them. The #responsibility that people put in our hands can be incredible. We need to face it with confidence, sensitivity and, as I have pledged #dojustlylovemercywalkhumbly with them! (at Ripon College Cuddesdon)