Presence of God

#216 The #comfort of the #presenceofgod was hugely over-powering during this worship. With Rachmaninoff Vespers playing, incense burning, the opportunity to light candles, or just sit and pray the atmosphere was immense! Thank you for #inspirationalcolleagues (at Cuddesdon)

Presence of God

#204 What a perfect location for #studying There is a real sense of #stillness and #presenceofgod

Just lovely! Where do you feel most comfortable and creative to work? (at Cuddesdon)

Duty Sacristan

#115 An odd picture perhaps but this week I have had the privilege of being Assistant Church Sacristan. One of my duties has been #ringingthebell to call people to worship…or for hearers like me, to encourage people to run faster otherwise they will be late! There is something lovely about being the person who reminds people to stop what they are doing and come to be in the #presenceofgod as the day’s work draws to a close. God wants to be in relationship with us, He wants to draw us closer to Him…how awesome is that?!

Ner Tamid

#84 #nertamid or #eternalflame traditionally burnt continually in the Jewish temple to represent the menorah of the temple, remind of a constant fire for burnt offerings and symbolise the presence of God. Light a candle and be still…wait for the #presenceofgod as you still your body, mind and soul.