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The power of words

I went to an event called Soulful Wordsmiths this weekend, and was reminded of the power of words. Whether we like it or not what we say, and how we say it, can carry a huge amount of authority. Our words have the potential to welcome or alienate as we choose, or as others hear. I was reminded of the great need to take care as I communicate; to be aware that what I say, and what people hear might be very different.

Taking things for granted

#697 Following two days without power I’ve found out how #essential a #washingmachine is…especially after returning from holiday! #donttakeanythingforgranted


#573 Have you ever been #silenced? By who? In what situation? Have you ever silenced anyone? What were your reasons? Should any of us have power to silence anyone?

Empire building

#537 #allthatglittersisnotgold #empirebuilding #powerhungry I was thinking about #temptation with a group this evening – what are you tempted by? How do you deal with it? Is temptation something we should always avoid? 


#511 A fundraiser for @jasminehouselrc with #comedy and #performancepoetry made me think about the power of #writing, or the #pen, and who holds that #power, or #access to it. As well as access, who decides what is available to read in the news? Is it possible for that to be #nonbiased?


#454 God’s #power and #magnificence is mirrored in #creation. I’m not sure I’ll ever grow tired of the waves crashing and the #assurance that brings. 

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