Humbled by grace

#400 #day18 of placement has a theme of #humility where being called to humility was part of my #homily for our mid-week eucharist. It was also the main feeling in my heart as a homeless man thanked me for all I had done to help (which was to print a form to fill out for a place @emmausoxford)! This evening I was humbled again at dinner with friends who had worked so hard to make a special birthday dinner (complete with cake, banners and tiaras!). I’ve felt richly and undeservedly #blessed today. 

God In Us

#127 Cameras can be lovely and they can be terrifying. They can capture beautiful memories or horrific images that we would rather forget. I’ve had a video presentation today where I was filmed presenting, then I had to watch it back and offer my own comments. #thecameraneverlies but I also think we are usually more critical of ourselves than anyone else would be. We are quick to see the bad and take too long to see the good. It could be said that it is #humble to do so, but I’ve been wondering whether, in being modest and humble we are denying the good work God has done in creating us! Try seeing #godinyou and #godinyourhands
We are wonderful creations with great potential! How do we capture that on camera?! (at Ripon College Cuddesdon)