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New home

#678 #newhome #newstudy #newbookcases All very exciting to be building a new home and getting settled – loving the feeling of #godspeace and #godspresence in my study. 


#615 #day30 of #lentchallenge with @bible_society #retreat as heading #home as a place of safety and security. Today I #pray for those whose homes are not #safe or #secure


#324 Home is so complicated for me at the moment…It never quite feels complete! I’m either in a space with all of my things, but missing friends and family, and at times my partner, or I’m amongst family and friends but don’t have my home comforts. Perhaps I need to think more simply: today #home is a #cupoftea in my favourite cup, whilst sat in familiar surroundings…with a cat! #itsgoodtobehome

Home for World Gin Day

#319 As a celebration of #worldginday I had a few tasters of different gins with my partner. A busy time at college and my partner living between Derby and Oxford has meant that we have not spent as much time together as we would have liked recently. Being back in Derby has made me think about #home and where that is…last night reminded me that home is when we are together, sharing in one another’s joys and pains.

Ay up! 

#318 After an incredibly long first year of #vicarschool I have returned to my homeland – #ayup #derbyshire Looking forward to catching up with friends and family and taking time to process all that has happened over this year.

#251 Where is #home? What is home like? #thereisnoplacelikehome has become a complicated thought for me. My belongings and cats are in one place, and friends and family in another. When I visit family, it doesn’t feel like home because our house is no longer near them. Home with the cats and belongings also doesn’t feel quite right as my partner is only ‘home’ for half of the week…what makes home?

#184 what do you #cherish? This identity bracelet represents some of the things I cherish, #faith #home #memories

It’s really easy to get caught up in the drudge of the every day, and forget to hold these things close and remember how #weareblessed …but we are! The greatest blessing for me is to cherish and to be cherished. How about you? (at Ripon College Cuddesdon)

#149 The #posada came to visit this afternoon. We lit a candle and #prayed that we would remember the #journey Mary and Joseph made, and remember those who are travelling in difficult situations, and those who do not have a #home. We asked that we would #seegodinthepeoplewemeet and that we be a #blessingtothem. #powerfulprayer (at Ripon College Cuddesdon)

#92 What is #home? When does it feel like you are home? Is it people? Pets? A comfy sofa? Slippers perhaps? Getting home after a lovely weekend away, it was lovely to be greeted by Nellie and Trixie. Home is usually a #safespace but that can change with the introduction of an unfamiliar item can cause #conflict It is important to protect that safe space…today I #pray for all people who do not have a safe space or a home. May the Lord protect them and keep them safe and warm. (at Ripon College Cuddesdon)

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