Thought provoking…

I’ve just finished reading The Good Immigrant which is a collection of essays about what it’s like to live in a country that doesn’t trust you and doesn’t want you…

There were a number of heartbreaking reflections but one of the saddest was Musa Okwonga who decided to leave Britain because of such deep-rooted institutional racism. He said:

“Britain was not great because of its papers and politicians who relentlessly denigrated us, it was great in spite of them. Britain was great because of the spontaneous community spirit you saw as soon as a small town was flooded, because of the volunteers who turned out in their tens of thousands to act as stewards for the Olympic Games. But that wasn’t a spirit that I felt my country was doing nearly enough to nurture.”

This hit me between the eyes as I read precisely because of the sadness and hope within it. A growth in our collective community spirit could be the grassroots response needed to tackle a number of issues in our midst, not least the divisions we have a tendency to draw due to race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexuality and disability.

Can we nurture this community spirit in order to look outwards rather than onwards? To welcome the stranger and care for the lonely? This book is a must read, an incredibly uncomfortable mirror to look into, but one which I pray will change hearts and minds for the better. Amen.

Celebrate diversity 

#687 I was reminded of the rich and beautiful #diversity of our society as I looked at different materials in a local #sarishop We are all unique! #celebratediversity #embraceourdifferences 


#655 The final weeks of #theologicalcollege will involve visiting people and places which have been influential in training. Today I returned to my #summerplacement church and had a lovely welcome – being involved in so many different churches helps to grasp the diversity of God and the unique ways in which God meets people.


What do you see?


#579 When looking at the same person, place or possession different people notice #different things – that rich #diversity is a great strength. None of us are the same, so we are all likely to see something slightly differently depending on how our own #experiences have shaped us. Does this make some of us #right and some of us #wrong? Does this mean that the views and experiences of some are less important than others?


#303 This evening was the last day that the #ihsgroup met at college this academic year. #endings are so difficult…I looked around this beautiful group of people with such sadness that we would never meet again in the same place for the same reason. #embracediversity #endwell