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I’ve been reading The Lonely City, which has seemed apt to be reading in the week of World Mental Health Day on 10th October. How is it that the loneliest places can often be the busiest places, where people go virtually unnoticed?


We live life so quickly that it is possible to avoid meaningful conversations with anyone when there are so many people milling around – the more lonely one becomes, the harder it can be to reach out and ask for help.


How soon those who feel isolated or desperate begin to have a slightly distorted view of life.

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Many of us seem adept at presenting a calm exterior with few truly knowing what is happening beneath the surface. Having a small circle of trusted confidants can be helpful, but perhaps we need to be a little more open and honest if we are to positively challenge attitudes to those who live with poor mental health.


Where is the hope? Is it easy to identify, to grasp and quantify? Or do we need to illuminate it?

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How can we as the church, and as individuals, support one another when everything feels too much…surely we should be able to admit it, to scream out and join one another in lament?


Being with someone in their darker moments means that we are also there when hope begins to reveal itself, slowly at first perhaps, nonetheless noticeable.


Eventually it might become easier to see signs of hope, and possibilities, especially with someone walking alongside. Can we show bravery by being honest with one another when everything feels overwhelming? Equally, do we have the courage to stay by the side of those we care for when they are overwhelmed, and be with them in their times of darkness, acting like a beacon for them?

The light was good…

#690 “God saw the #light and it was #good…” #genesis1v4 See the lights on your path, and know that it is good – would it be possible to see the light without the #darkness which highlights it?

Catch the Light

#643 The sheer #beauty of the #illumination which occurs when #light intersects with #darkness makes me wonder whether both are necessary…if there was no darkness, would we appreciate the light for its power and beauty?


Darkness into light

#639 “You, O Lord, are my lamp; you turn our darkness into light.” The #light and #peace of Jesus be with you. 

Longing for light

#489 #longingforlight #wewaitindarkness #longingforpeace #ourworldistroubled #longingforhope #manydespair #unitetoendviolenceagainstwomen Today I pray for those for whom the darkness overshadows the light. For those in #prison. For #victimsofabuse. For victims of #genderbasedviolence. Lord in your mercy; Hear our prayer. 

Looking for light

#488 Today is the first Sunday of #advent which marks the beginning of a new year. Today is all about looking for the #light which is to come in the midst of our #darkness. This seems really pertinent as I continue to reflect on the darkness which is experienced in prison sparked by #artistsandwritersinreadingprison

Christ the King

#480 #lightoftheworld #steppeddownintodarkness #christtheking 


#314 So I’ve been preparing a presentation about suffering and sin based on #john9v1to12 which talks about blindness, darkness and #transformation with a conclusion around a wider transformation being needed that the light of Christ allows us to notice one another regardless of gender, ability, lifestyle or status…any thoughts? #lookaroundyou #whodoyousee


#288 Even when darkness falls in life, there is still #hope through #resurrection. I pray that we would find that hope, when everything is looking a little bleak. Amen.

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