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Mystery of God

#641 #sundayworship #orthodoxchurch There was a strong sense of the #mysteryofgod in this service – it was beautiful and so confusing at the same time. It is good to be taken out of #comfortzones every now and again. 


#593 Today was the last day of my #placement and the last opportunity to gently guide this church cat out of the church! #endings are difficult, especially as it seems that this is the first of a long line of endings for the next few months. #richblessings #thankful 

Christ in you and Christ in me

Community church
Community church in context
Community church in context with Christ at the centre
Christ in you and Christ in me
Christ crucified and died – why?
To collapse the corrupt, cold and contemptuous
To carry those who are cleaned out, companionless or crying out
To give courage to the collective
regardless of class, creed or citizenship
We needn’t have anything in common
except that all were created and configured with one image
That of Creator, redeemer and sustainer
Christ in you and Christ in me
Claire, Charlie, or Chris
Cruising in an old cortina or a classic convertible
In church, clinic, college, even the House of Commons
At Christmas, Candlemas or crucifixion
Chef, carpenter, civil engineer or cleric
Council house, cottage or country manor
in Chester, Cupar, Cardiff, Coventry, Chichester or Clitheroe
All form the collective, the church
Christ in you and Christ in me
So why do communities come a cropper
Contaminated by crime, cruelty and contumacy
Cascading, collapsing into churlishness, condescension and discontent
Charity is exchanged with cupidity
Collegiality converts to a disconnect
A chink in our cityscape
With conviction we clutch our comfort blankets, careful not to catch
sight of concepts or commoners who cast confusion
Christ in you and Christ in me?
Christ at the centre, context of church in the community
Church or community


Healing Spaces

Take your robot to church!

#396 #preparations for the #sundayservice on #day14 of #placement saw me packing a #robot into the car…I’m beginning to wonder whether I might be losing it a little?! #allageservice #visualaid 

Placement take two!

#383 Today has been the first day of #placementtaketwo…it’s very different from my initial vision of busy urban setting as it’s getting a little close to being rural with a village feel – could take me ever so slightly out of my comfort zone! All that said #day1 has involved an 8am #eucharist as sides person with some unforeseen complications, a 10am Eucharist, #baptismvisit and #evensong. Today I #pray for all of the people I have met – I #thankgod for the conversations that I’ve had and all the ways that I’ve seen him at work. Amen. 

You’re in my seat!

#380 This is a perfect example of #youreinmyseat…cats are so territorial, part of me wants to question why, and then I looks round #localpubs, #restaurants with regular customers, my Dad at #home and even #church. It seems that so many of us are guilty of finding a spot we like, for whatever reason, and sticking with it. Those who have ever worked in offices will usually have worked at specific desks, and I remember how difficult life was as a teacher with no fixed classroom and living out of a series of boxes!! #ourspace is often so important, but when it becomes clicky, and leads us to talk to the same people, and stop looking round to welcome others (particularly in church, perhaps) our ownership of space can be damaging. My partner and I were moved in a church we went to a few months back, because the women who always sat there were unable to adapt…#hosptalitygonewrong perhaps?

It’s only bricks and mortar…

#271 Today we went to #church here…a private school in the week and on Sunday it turns into a praise and worship extravaganza! It got me thinking though; in the C of E many of our churches have a deep and rich #heritage, they can be hundreds of years old. There is a real sense, not only of #godspresence, but also of the many followers who have gone before. I love church buildings, but are they really inaccessible for people who aren’t used to going? Do they feel intimidating? Would people be more inclined to go if church was in a school/hotel/cafe? Does tradition not matter anymore? Does the building even matter? #shareyourthoughts 

What does it mean to be human?

#267 Do we act as individual entities, or do we look out for one another? Does #goodwill feature in our days, either given or received? Do we know our neighbours? Are we involved in our communities? Questions sparked from a lecture and an encounter today. The lecture was about the place of the church in society, its role in politics and its social action where we thought about the human condition, considering ourselves as relational beings, yet living in an individualistic way. Later at the supermarket I was blocked purposely from entering the filling station when it was my right of way. My protests were completely ignored. This person cared only about his needs, not what was right in that situation. Have we evolved to become too individualistic, only caring about ourselves? Are we #travellingalone on this life journey or do others accompany us along the way? #shareyourthoughts   

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