Christ in you and Christ in me

Community church
Community church in context
Community church in context with Christ at the centre
Christ in you and Christ in me
Christ crucified and died – why?
To collapse the corrupt, cold and contemptuous
To carry those who are cleaned out, companionless or crying out
To give courage to the collective
regardless of class, creed or citizenship
We needn’t have anything in common
except that all were created and configured with one image
That of Creator, redeemer and sustainer
Christ in you and Christ in me
Claire, Charlie, or Chris
Cruising in an old cortina or a classic convertible
In church, clinic, college, even the House of Commons
At Christmas, Candlemas or crucifixion
Chef, carpenter, civil engineer or cleric
Council house, cottage or country manor
in Chester, Cupar, Cardiff, Coventry, Chichester or Clitheroe
All form the collective, the church
Christ in you and Christ in me
So why do communities come a cropper
Contaminated by crime, cruelty and contumacy
Cascading, collapsing into churlishness, condescension and discontent
Charity is exchanged with cupidity
Collegiality converts to a disconnect
A chink in our cityscape
With conviction we clutch our comfort blankets, careful not to catch
sight of concepts or commoners who cast confusion
Christ in you and Christ in me?
Christ at the centre, context of church in the community
Church or community


Light a candle

#513 #morningprayer #lightacandle for those who #strugglingtoday and over the Christmas period. May they know the #peaceandloveofchrist Amen. 

I’m gonna’ look twice

#368 A further #exploration of our area took us on a walk to #iffleylock – an area which was scenic and held solitude and companionship alongside each other. My attention was taken by the water, which mirrors back what surrounds it. We probably look at our #reflection in the mirror a number of times a day, but does the reflection truly honour what is before it. Does it show the true beauty of the soul? As #thewaterboys put it, “I’m gonna’ look twice at you until I see the Christ in you, when I’m looking through the eyes of love.” 


#343 For the past few nights I have sung #compline with someone very dear who has now departed in peace. #nuncdimittis

Night prayers seemed very lonely tonight but I #pray that with Christ she may rest in peace and rise in glory.

Dead Wood…?

#235 #deadwood led me to reflect more deeply on the theme of #identity at a #quietday in #dioceseofleicester yesterday. Thinking about our identity in #christ and our future identity as deacons and priests made me think about my core. When a tree is cut down age-defining rings give an idea of how old the tree is as what it has experienced with regards to weather patterns. I wonder what my core shows about what I have experienced and how it has defined me…what would you want your core to show? What would you want it to skip over? (at St Mary in Charnwood C of E Church)