Off Limits…

How often do we see something that seems completely out of reach – or where it is within reach, it is clear that it has not been cared for? These are photographs from a visit to another parish, with a particular focus around a children’s play park. Why is it that in some areas play parks are well-resourced and seem to attract, whereas in other areas they seem to repel those for whom they are intended. Could we do more to be part of the solution…?

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Prisons Week

#445 This week has been #prisonsweek – a week of prayer for the needs of all those affected by #prison. 96993 children have a parent in prison and the prison population is 85639 in the U.K. I pray for those children, and for all who are locked up tonight. I pray for strength and courage, forgiveness and love; Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer.