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Parable of the sower

#474 This evening I preached on #parableofthesower and questioned whether there is more to the parable than meets the eye. What if it were about #community and the #seeds represented people in the community. Birth or luck may place them in the #margins (seed on the path), #disillussioned (rocky ground), #selfsufficient and #successful (thorny ground) or aware of the #weightofresponsibility (good soil). What does that mean though? Do we all understand one another? Do we listen to one another? Do we know what each other needs? What if Jesus is calling us to do all of these things, to be #goodsoil, to draw into relationship with all people in our society? Would that help us to glimpse the glory of the kingdom?


#464 At our #IHS gathering we prayed for those growing up and questioning their sexuality in the church; for #lgbt people who face sexual, physical and emotional #abuse because of their #sexuality; and for lgbt people exploring a #calltoordination who may struggle in the discernment process. May the Lord bless us and keep us, the Lord make His face to shine upon us and be gracious to us, the Lord lift His face to us and give us peace. Amen. #aaronicblessing 

#15 There were times when Jesus gave specific instructions to his disciples. I believe he still gives us instructions as his disciples today…what are his instructions for you and your life?
#instructions #obedience #calling

#12 Jesus called his disciples to follow him. They did without question. So often I question why I need to do something, or I wait until I am sure that it is the right thing to do. If Jesus walked amongst us today and asked you to follow him, leaving everything behind, would you? If not what would stop you?
#followme #calling #disciple

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