#681 The #joy of #rediscovery of things once #owned and #loved! The beautiful, peaceful bench is back after phase two of the #housemove 

Slowly blooms the rose within


#652 There in the garden of the soul rests a rose bush, with a rose about to bloom. The rose represents the self, with an aspiration to be beautiful and bright in the eyes of the divine gardener. The gardener tends and nurtures the little rose, softly speaking words of encouragement…does it hear, will it continue to grow? Will it be vivid and bloom brightly, or are there other influences on the little roses which may threaten future and potential? Can these be overcome…?

Same sun

#497 #day2 of #japantravels! This morning we went to #nihonminkaen to see how houses and ways of living in Japan have developed over the last four centuries. This #light shining in the window was a lovely reminder that regardless of location, or time, we are all served by the same #sun. #beautiful

Shine out like diamonds

#434 This morning was #beautiful for walking and noticing aspects and details of God’s creation. The #light dancing off the #dew in the field was particularly striking – the dew droplets looked like diamonds. It struck me that this is what God sees when looking at creation and seeing it is good. Having been made perfect before God, we #shine out like millions of little diamonds. Today I pray to see the people I interact with, and their beauty, through God’s eyes. Amen. 

Awe and wonder

#393 Much of #day11 of #placement after holiday club has been taken up with writing scripts, crafting slides and making music for the holiday club service on Sunday. I needed a beautiful sky photo to illustrate the awesomeness of the #heavens so I borrowed a real camera…I hope this conveys #awe and #wonder?!

Lovely flowers

#350 #flowers are a truly beautiful gesture of love and care for another person. They smell and look lovely and say so much. They are also a reminder of God’s beautiful creation around us. #lovelyflowers


#325 The #scottishthistle…have you ever wondered how Scotland ended up with a thistle, when Wales has the daffodil or England has the rose? The thistle is #beautiful and #vibrant, but it is a #weed. There are many theories for how it was adopted, but the one I like the most is a story of a battle, where a sleeping party of Scots were saved by ambush because one of the enemy trod on a thistle and screamed in anguish, alerting the Scots to their presence. I like this story because it is a reminder that #everythinghasapurpose and nothing should be discounted.