#15 There were times when Jesus gave specific instructions to his disciples. I believe he still gives us instructions as his disciples today…what are his instructions for you and your life?
#instructions #obedience #calling

Day of Rest

#14 Sabbath – day of rest! A funny thing to think about on the first day back at work after the weekend, and yet it is so important for us to find rest in our busy and pressured lives. We need to have an element of rest each day to be refreshed for what is to come tomorrow. “The sabbath was created for humanity, not humanity for the sabbath.”
#sabbath #dayofrest


#13 Lammas Service today – a service which is an ancient celebration of the first fruits and a reminder of our dependence on God. What will he provide you with this week?
#thankfulness #godprovides #lammastide

Follow Me

#12 Jesus called his disciples to follow him. They did without question. So often I question why I need to do something, or I wait until I am sure that it is the right thing to do. If Jesus walked amongst us today and asked you to follow him, leaving everything behind, would you? If not what would stop you?
#followme #calling #disciple

Come Out From Under The Bed

#11 Faith is being able to get out from under the bed after you have been really scared, knowing that you need to go and explore…whilst it will inevitably be a bit scary, you will get through this, you will be ok!
What has faith allowed you to do today?
#godwillsaveme #faith

Aaronic Blessing

#10 “The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn His face toward you and give you peace”. God reveals Himself in so many different ways, some more obvious than others! I saw God in the beautiful Derbyshire countryside today…how about you?
#godrevealed #sunshine #blessing


#9 Love is…patience, peace, joy, kindness. It is putting the needs of another before your own. It is being slow to anger and loving quickly. Love involves watching out for, and protecting, another person. It is sharing the last rolo or going without so that another can have. Love is togetherness; it is from the heart not the head. God loves us, and God is love. What does love mean to you? What does love look like for you?
#love #peace #godislove

Throw Away Culture

#8 In our “material world” we are so quick to throw things away…out with the old and in with the new! As part of our moving project I’ve been upcycling an old bureau, which has been really enjoyable. It’s also made me think about tradition versus the latest and greatest, particularly in church. Rather than swapping our old hymn books, pews and traditions for bands, worship songs, and chairs to reach more people, perhaps it is possible to hold these things in tandem. If we take the best from both places we design worship for God which expresses something of each person who is taking part – how exciting is that!?