Master Tent Maker

Master tent maker
Divine creator
Of people, places
spaces and species
Of all that is
Needed and known
Homes from leaves
trees and wood
From things grown
Out and open
To bricks, mortar
Fashioned and finished
Never to move
Is this intention
Divine and inspired
Or shaped by
Mere mortals
When did life become
Static and stagnant
Lacking natural flow
Movement, adaptability
In worship and work
Bring back the
Master tent maker
That we might live
And worship amongst
Created beauty
Sleep under stars
Awaken to dripping
Rain on canvas
Ever reminded of
Our protector
And Sustainer
Divine creator
Master tent maker

CSC_0128 2


#658 #eucharistwithchildren with a theme of #feedingofthe5000 #matthew14v13to21 set around a #picnic to demonstrate #godsgenerosity and #abundance Let’s be #generous with our time and care of one another. 

Slowly blooms the rose within


#652 There in the garden of the soul rests a rose bush, with a rose about to bloom. The rose represents the self, with an aspiration to be beautiful and bright in the eyes of the divine gardener. The gardener tends and nurtures the little rose, softly speaking words of encouragement…does it hear, will it continue to grow? Will it be vivid and bloom brightly, or are there other influences on the little roses which may threaten future and potential? Can these be overcome…?


#645 How often do you look back and acknowledge the people who have helped you to be where you are today, or to become who you are today? #embercards #requestforprayer #givingthanks

“Accustom yourself continually to make many acts of love, for they enkindle and melt the soul.”

Saint Teresa of Avila


Catch the Light

#643 The sheer #beauty of the #illumination which occurs when #light intersects with #darkness makes me wonder whether both are necessary…if there was no darkness, would we appreciate the light for its power and beauty?


May Day


#642 Our evening worship centred around the theme of #MayDay, with #Maypole dancing, food, drink and celebration – a beautiful way of bringing a #community together. How often do we just get together to celebrate the passing of time, or a new phase? #relationships #buildcommunity

Simple beauty

#632 #bluebells as a reminder of the simple #beauty in #creation and a firm promise of #spring