Frosty morning

#490 #frostymorning I had forgotten the frustration of failing to leave enough time to de-ice the car in the morning. As I scraped the ice off with a store card(!) I prayed for all those who struggle with the morning rush hour and it’s numerous challenges. #allwillbewell 

Longing for light

#489 #longingforlight #wewaitindarkness #longingforpeace #ourworldistroubled #longingforhope #manydespair #unitetoendviolenceagainstwomen Today I pray for those for whom the darkness overshadows the light. For those in #prison. For #victimsofabuse. For victims of #genderbasedviolence. Lord in your mercy; Hear our prayer. 

All Souls

#463 #allsouls #requiemeucharist #commemorationofthefaithfuldeparted May they rest in peace and rise in glory. Amen. 

The Faceless Woman

Saturday afternoon. Miserably bleak.
Incomplete mundane tasks creep upon me;
fuel gauge beeps, warning lights flash.
Fuel station! Reluctantly I pull in.
Frustration looms and I wait,
as she stops me in my tracks.

I fail to see this faceless woman in my hotheadedness.
At least I don’t really see her and her need;
the pain and upset which she bears are also invisible.
Do I even want to see such brokenness?
Much easier to ignore, or rather simply not address.
Yet, as if prompted, I get out of the car
to draw closer to the bereavement of which we never speak.

Her agitation is plain. That I see.
Yet I don’t see, she is faceless to me.
‘It won’t work,’ cries her despair.
Indeed something is wrong, it needs fixing…
‘no…I must go to London,’
she whispers. What a nightmare.

Finished I bid ‘take care and drive safely.’
And then I see her, this faceless woman;
old, frail, weary and distressed.
Embodiment of human brokenness,
and yet beautiful in her
vulnerability, exposed.

For this faceless woman, her unnamed grief, I feel compassion
as never before – it brings me to my knees.
Evident in my eyes, she seeks to claim it for her own;
she flings her arms around me and we embrace.
This moment, like a sacrament, shows us God’s unending grace.
On release, we look at each other anew
God’s love brims over for the other, we turn and leave transformed.

Looking for light

#488 Today is the first Sunday of #advent which marks the beginning of a new year. Today is all about looking for the #light which is to come in the midst of our #darkness. This seems really pertinent as I continue to reflect on the darkness which is experienced in prison sparked by #artistsandwritersinreadingprison


#487 #inside #artistsandwritersinreadingprison was a thought-provoking exhibition around themes which are pertinent to life on the inside, for those on the #outside. #freedom #oppression #justice #identity #fear 

White Ribbon Day

#486 #whiteribbonday #25nov2016 marks the first day of #16daysofactivism #unitetoendviolenceagainstwomen @unitednations “Violence against women and girls is a human rights violation, public health pandemic and serious obstacle to sustainable development. It imposes large-scale costs on families, communities and economies. The world cannot afford to pay this price.” — Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary-General


#485 On the anniversary of my #confirmation I lit my #candle and remembered my #bishops words – to be still, wherever you are and know that you are loved, and you are not alone. Amen. 


#484 #fog #hazyday #strugglingtofocus #toomuchtothinkabout #mindfulness #ignatianspirituality #focusongod 


#483 My current knitting project has reminded me about #perseverance and #solidarity in the difficult times! I failed miserably with this pattern having to knit the same line seven times! Challenging tasks can be rewarding…hope that proves true here!