Ember Day

#428 For #emberday we prayed for those #preparingforordination, those in #ordainedministry and those going through the #discernmentprocess in College Group worship. We were encouraged to walk as we prayed. Looking at God’s creation for inspiration as we prayed, I found myself focused on these leaves fallen away from trees in the grounds of Cuddesdon. There is a time and #seasonforeverything – a time to study and be formed, and a time to serve. A time to discern and question, and a time to follow; a time to retreat and a time to be sent out; a time to grow and flourish, and a time to rest and refresh. May the boldness of the Spirit #transform us, may the gentleness of the Spirit #lead us, may the gifts of the Spirit #equip us to serve and worship God. Amen

Godly glow

#427 I went for an #earlymorningwalk to prepare for the day ahead…the #glow around the horizon served as a reminder of #godspresence as “the day lay open before us.” #thelordishere #hisspiritiswithus #liftupyourhearts 


#426 Do you believe in #guardianangels? Do you think you have met an angel? When? Where? How? Have you ever felt protected by a guardian angel? What makes you believe or not believe?

In too deep?

#425 What are the #currents in your life at the moment? What is pulling you away from #stability and #grounding? Can you swim away from it or are you already in #toodeep? The realisation of being in too deep may necessitate calling for help and reaching for the #lifebouy that someone throws you…#itsnevertoolate 

Feel the joy

#424 When did you last feel the #joy of #life #love #friendship #family and #work? #getthejoyback #otherwisewhatisthepoint 

Were you there?

#423 #theologicalreflection on #summerplacement…”When I needed a neighbour, were you there?” I’m thinking about the gospel response to #homelessness, and a practical response. I wonder what the similarities and differences are between the two…?

Culture and the Bible

#422 How does #culture affect our #understanding and #portrayal of #thebible? How does it #resonate when presented within a cultural framework? Is it different when presented more #authentically to the times it speaks of?

Which one are you? 

#421 What kind of #sunflower are you this week? One of the few that has it’s head raised far above the rest – you’re a #go-getter!? Or perhaps your head is a bit droopy, as life is #gettingyoudown a bit? Are you one who has that in-built self-preservation tactic to keep looking up to the sky…a bit of a #dreamer? Or are you #alert and observing all that is going on around you, sometimes with pleasure whilst other times with absolute terror that one day you may have to do that? Many people have made new beginnings in September, new school, university, theological college or job. Today I pray for each of those, that you will begin to feel more settled, and become more comfortable with your surroundings and new routines soon. Amen. 

The Bible

#420 The intensive study on #thebible has begun. What does the Bible mean for you? How does it shape your #ethical framework? Is it #authoritative, a collection of #stories or somewhere in between?

Looking out of the open window

#419 “Where God closes a door, somewhere he opens a window.” Today is the first day of my final year at #theologicalcollege so this is perhaps a strange saying to reflect on. I am aware though, that it is also the first day of the first year for my new colleagues. For some the door to their old professional life only closed on Friday and today they have arrived wondering what on earth the next few years will be like. Today the #window has been opened a crack for these new ordinands as they have tasted college life and worship very briefly, seeing a glimpse of what lies ahead. For those returning, the window is open much wider, giving a better view of what lies ahead, of how we are changing and developing. All of us though, are still at the window stage…it will be a while yet until we find the door to get out and #explore this vast new life of possibility. For now though, I pray that ordinands across the country would gaze out at the unfamiliar horizon, taking in every detail, being open to new possibilities. God be in our head, and in our understanding; God be in our eyes, and in our looking; God be in our mouths, and in our speaking; God be in our hearts, and in our thinking; God be in our ends, and at our departing. Amen.