I’m gonna’ look twice

#368 A further #exploration of our area took us on a walk to #iffleylock – an area which was scenic and held solitude and companionship alongside each other. My attention was taken by the water, which mirrors back what surrounds it. We probably look at our #reflection in the mirror a number of times a day, but does the reflection truly honour what is before it. Does it show the true beauty of the soul? As #thewaterboys put it, “I’m gonna’ look twice at you until I see the Christ in you, when I’m looking through the eyes of love.” 


#367 Today I went in search of Cuddesdon’s #lonelytree and here it is! It seemed quite apt to post about it as I was thinking about future ministry as I walked wondering about the contrast of living in such a busy, vibrant community which #eatspraysandlaughs together compared with a #curacy which may well only involve one key relationship with a training incumbent. Loneliness can find its way through a crowded room just as easily though. How do we guard against it? Can loneliness be a good emotion, which helps us to appreciate those around us more? Perhaps, but if we #standtogether it might just make it a little easier. #dosomethinglovelytoday @EndLonelinessUK @mindcharity @webofloneliness

Beacon of hope

#366 The #angelofthenorth marks my final post for my first year of #ministerialeducation. Sir Anthony Gormley designed the sculpture to be a #beaconofhope at a painful #timeoftransition from the #industrialage to the #informationage. It certainly is something that many visit…so much so that I struggled to photograph it without people. We all need a beacon of hope at times – what do you look to? #angels …#god…#family

Fishing or pilgrimage?

#365 As I confronted my desire for solitude and disappointment with the huge numbers of people flocking onto #lindisfarne #holyisland I was reminded of Jesus’ promise to make his disciples #fishersofmen whilst looking out at a small fishing boat. It made me think about marketisation of places of pilgrimage and whether it is a good or bad thing?

Be still and know that I am God

#364 #psalm46 “Be still and know that I am God.” I’ve been reflecting on this since Sunday when I went to St Michael’s Church #alnwick who were thinking about different ways to pray. It is difficult not to know God in our #naturalworld where there are so many displays of His #power and #glory. Being still within that is a #discipline that seems really difficult to observe in the business of everyday life…it’s my challenge this week! Would anyone like to join me?

The religious life

#363 Decided to @visitscotland as it is only an hour away. #melroseabbey was a beautiful place of great history with a sacred atmosphere. The #religiouslife has interested me for many years – what draws men and women to give up everything for a life of prayer and service? It must be a life of rich blessing and fulfilment! Today I #pray for all who live in religious communities, as well as those #exploringacall to the religious life.

Eternal love

#362 Is #love always enough? Can love for a person ever fade? Why or why not? Can #godslove for us as His people ever be washed away? #godseternallove

Wisdom of literature 

#361 #literature continues to give knowledge to all who willingly seek. There are so many lessons to be learned, so much wisdom from people and times gone by who we think would know nothing of our contemporary struggles. #books are a gift to be cherished, however old or new…

Seeing God in each other

#359 #beautifulbaking and #beautifulfriends God is #relational and has created us to be so too. The pleasure that friendships bring always amazes me, although it perhaps shouldn’t as God reveals himself to us through others. Today I #thankgod for #friendship.