Relaxation of fish

#337 Fish can be wonderfully calming. Over the last few days I’ve spent quite a bit of time in the #nightingalemacmillanunit in the #royalderby and have been so #humbled by the #love and #care that people give to those in the end stages of their lives. The atmosphere there is just lovely and relaxed with a fish tank to watch when things get a bit much! #amazingministry

God’s Angels

#336 Today I have been reminded again about the #loveofcommunity. As I was called back to Derby for a family emergency I had to leave my placement and go home quickly to pick up some clothes and inhalers and was greeted by two members of the #community wanting to know if I had eaten and what they could do to make my departure swifter. So today I offer a #prayerofthanks for two of #godsangels – you are such a blessing!

Treasuring the moment

#335 Where time is limited, how would you spend it and who with? What last things would you want to say? What would you treasure? What would you wish to be remembered for? #treasureeverymoment

Summer placement

#334 My #summerplacement has begun! For a month I will be walking alongside the parish of All Saints, observing and taking part in their ministry. It’s both a privilege and daunting…but exciting!

Uncertain times

#333 As my cat looks out of the window sceptically to a place she has never ventured out in, I’ve been reflecting on the #leavevote, the #uncertainty and the #fear that goes with that. I pray for #stability, for #understanding, for #peace and #guidance through these unknown times.

Good seed?

#332 When a gardener sows seeds, it is difficult to be certain of the outcome. Some seeds may come to nothing. Other seed may take, but die off quickly. Others may thrive, but get choked by weeds. Still others may get damaged by the good British summer, and be good for nothing. What about those which grow strong and produce good crops? How much work goes into them – the reward is great indeed! In the wake of the vote to leave the European Union, what insight is there in these thoughts which are based in a parable which Jesus told to encourage people to examine themselves and their attitude to God’s Kingdom? #foodforthought #matthew13v1to9 

Right to vote

#331 With each opportunity that I have to #vote, I remember #bravewomen who went before me, enabling me today do something that I take for granted today. Women had to fight to have their right to vote as not so long ago in our history it was thought that men knew best. Only the other day I learned that in America one in three imprisoned black men have had their right to vote permanently taken from them. I am astounded that this happens in our world today…even before considering the percentages who are wrongly imprisoned! Allowing some voices to represent the masses is wrong, but some people choose not to vote over and over again because “what difference will it make?” I am sure being given a vote would make a huge difference to all those it has been taken from, not just because they get to have their say, but because things will #change when many people speak out – even if the change is to stay the same….

Ordination retreats

#330 #praying for all those preparing to be #ordaineddeacon and #ordainedpriest in #petertide2016. For some retreats begin today, for others next Wednesday. May you know God’s awesome presence as you prepare to love and to serve as Jesus loves. “Be who you were created to be and you will set the world on fire.” #stcatherineofsienna

Cajon add-on

#329 The #cajonpractice continues with the #heckstickone as a recent addition, which makes it sound even better. I seem to be completely consumed by practice, by listening to music, feeling rhythms and figuring out a beat to compliment. #musiclove I’ve found my #flow as I get lost for hours in drumming!

Out with the old?

#328 Books or e-book? I’ve been writing an assignment this week and some of the books I’ve needed have been on my kindle. This has been sort of handy, as you can highlight and make notes which don’t have to be there for ever. At the same time my memory is so much better when holding a book and knowing roughly how far into the book I read something, whether it was the left or right page and whereabouts on the page it was. As book sales rise once again, I wonder whether there is something to learn about tradition here…new is exciting, technology makes things easier to access, but tradition has it’s strengths too and to get rid of it completely might be foolish. #freshexpressions #traditionalchurch #middleground