Piece by piece

#307 Tonight is the last night of our #craftcircle in college as half of the community will be leaving on Friday. What is fabulous about working on projects together is the #inspiration that you can give and receive. One of my fellow crafters is making a blanket square by square…each one with its own story, a reminder of a conversation or a memory!

People are like petals

#305 #communities are like #flowers, with #peopleaspetals holding one another #safely within. At the beginning of the life of a flower, all of the petals #growtogether at a similar speed. In the same way a community grows together. When one petal wilts, the others join it, just like members of a community share in the trials of one.

Learn and know less…

#304 Having completed an assignment on #covenant, I now feel that I know less than when I started! #alberteinstein “The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know!”


#303 This evening was the last day that the #ihsgroup met at college this academic year. #endings are so difficult…I looked around this beautiful group of people with such sadness that we would never meet again in the same place for the same reason. #embracediversity #endwell

Pectoral Cross

#302 The #pectoralcross worn by bishops serves as a reminder of how close God is to a Bishop’s heart. I #pray for #bishops, #priests, #deacons, and all #followersofchrist, that they would walk closer with God each day, hear Him, more clearly, and be comforted by His peaceful presence. Amen


#301 What does your #shoerack say about you? Do your shoes represent different aspects of your #identity? Or different interests perhaps? Do they remind you of the places you’ve been? The walking or running that you’ve enjoyed? The painful blister you got? For me, my shoes are the #wallpaper for the last few years of my life…and carry within them so many memories. One of the most evocative photographs I have ever seen was of a huge room full of shoes. These shoes had once been owned and worn by Jewish people; they had been forced to relinquish all of their belongings on arrival at Auschwitz. The room of shoes belonging to people long passed away whose #stories may never be told communicates well the importance and value of things we often take for granted today.

A ministry of noticing

#300 I had my first ever #drawingclass the other day on a #creativityandspirituality day. Whilst I would still claim that drawing is not a gift of mine, I do recognise that looking at something for so long gives you an opportunity to really notice it’s details and features. This tree very much came alive for me as I walked round it and sketched it, I began to notice an old and tired face within it. This could be just me, but I wonder whether the deeper we look, the more we see something through God’s eyes, rather than our own. A ministry of noticing perhaps….

Sweeping up

#299 As I swept the chapel floor in preparation for a lovely #baptism, I was reminded of a scene in Bruce Almighty where Bruce mops the floor with God. Bruce had thought the task ridiculous and beneath him when first asked. Interestingly he was struck by the sense of calm mopping gave him, as well as a feeling of #achievement as he looked upon his work. That, with the #silentcompanionship of working with God, made him glad to have swept the floor. I also was incredibly glad of the opportunity to have silent companionship with God, in #chapel, while I swept. I saw the task as essential and a blessing as I could not be doing anything else while I was doing that…I had to focus! I look forward to my next floor sweeping opportunity!

What is beauty?

#298 What is #beauty? Some would say it is purely material, others might say that which is beautiful #fades over time. I like the idea that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, that all things, and all people are beautiful to someone…I like even more the idea that all are beautiful, just sometimes we have to #look a bit deeper to fully see.