The unpredictability of God

#274 Things grow and flourish in the most unlikely places! I’ve been looking back on the last six months at college. The #unpredictability of what I have done and which areas of ministry I feel drawn to is baffling and brilliant at the same time. #letgoandletgod 

Food or Community

#273 What is more important? #food or #community (being with the other sheep)? Should food always be shared? If we shared more of what we have would we be happier? Does money always bring happiness? Does loneliness always lead to unhappiness?

Ethics of Mission

#272 What are the #ethicsofchristianmission? Is there a right way to #proclaimthegospel? “Preach the gospel and if necessary use words.” #saintfrancisofassisi
Myself and my colleague delivered a presentation on the ethics of mission yesterday. Perhaps we could say that God-centred mission involved #love, #humility and #service as three key components…all are inter-related and all are characteristics of Jesus. #shareyourthoughts 

It’s only bricks and mortar…

#271 Today we went to #church here…a private school in the week and on Sunday it turns into a praise and worship extravaganza! It got me thinking though; in the C of E many of our churches have a deep and rich #heritage, they can be hundreds of years old. There is a real sense, not only of #godspresence, but also of the many followers who have gone before. I love church buildings, but are they really inaccessible for people who aren’t used to going? Do they feel intimidating? Would people be more inclined to go if church was in a school/hotel/cafe? Does tradition not matter anymore? Does the building even matter? #shareyourthoughts 

Beautiful tea…

#270 A beautiful gift came through the letterbox the other day from a lovely friend…#chocolatetruffletea in gorgeous silk bags! In the midst of a very busy week these were a breath of fresh air and made me smile – and tastes amazing too! With thanks to a fellow #tealover 

Earth Day

#269 Happy #earthday Look after our planet and #begoodstewards #recycle #reuse #besustainable 

Rubbish or treasure?

#268 One persons rubbish is another persons #treasure! I spent the day with @emmausoxford yesterday. It was brilliant to see a different way of bringing people out of #homelessness and #addiction. Emmaus enables someone to work their way out of homelessness, and leave their addictions behind. A brilliant and inspiring organisation. The team are working to open a new shop and some of the companions were making a desk for the shop out of scrap furniture which looked like it was going to be amazing!  

What does it mean to be human?

#267 Do we act as individual entities, or do we look out for one another? Does #goodwill feature in our days, either given or received? Do we know our neighbours? Are we involved in our communities? Questions sparked from a lecture and an encounter today. The lecture was about the place of the church in society, its role in politics and its social action where we thought about the human condition, considering ourselves as relational beings, yet living in an individualistic way. Later at the supermarket I was blocked purposely from entering the filling station when it was my right of way. My protests were completely ignored. This person cared only about his needs, not what was right in that situation. Have we evolved to become too individualistic, only caring about ourselves? Are we #travellingalone on this life journey or do others accompany us along the way? #shareyourthoughts