In the Hands of Angels

#215 It is incredibly humbling how complete strangers can provide such unconditional care and reassurance, and all you can do is surrender to their expertise and pray for them and our loved ones #NHSangels #juniordoctors #24/7 (at Royal Derby Hospital)

Judge a Book by it’s Cover

#214 The #wheelbarrow … Such a random item! At first sight it looks like it will be of no use, then you realise that it can actually carry quite a bit and is very useful! How often do we judge something on looks alone? How often do we discount something on our own preconceived ideas? (at Cuddesdon)

Look up to the Sky

#212 I love looking up into the sky and seeing airplane tracks. It shows both the enormity and the accessibility of earth. I always wonder who is on the plane, where are they going, why? #journeys can be exciting and sad. There can be so much potential and possibility. It can all be new and unknown or completely familiar. Whatever the situation, it’s important to #embrace it for what it is, and #findpeace within it. (at Wheatley, Oxfordshire)

Brick Wall

#211 There are a number of association with walls…like hitting your head against a brick wall! They can exclude, or stop entry. But they can also be protective, marking out your safe space, a warm and cosy place where you can be completely yourself, do what you want with who you want to. #embracethesafespace (at Cuddesdon)

The Lost Sheep

#209 Do you ever feel like the #lostsheep? Sometimes I feel completely lost, left behind or even alone. This can be a good place, it can be a place where I #seekgod more urgently, rely on Him more fully. I can be more aware of my own insufficiency, and God’s awesome sustainability. In these times I often lean on God more fully, and ask that my awareness of Him grow more deeply. #findthegoodineverything (at Wheatley, Oxfordshire)

Anonymous Flowers

#207 Today is a first…I’ve never been sent #anonymousflowers before! Wondering who they might be from?! The card says, “The Lord, your God, is in your midst, a warrior who gives victory; he will rejoice over you with gladness, he will renew you in his love; he will exult over you with loud singing.” #zeph3v17 What a message of #encouragment #surprise #blessed #thankyou (at Cuddesdon)

Reach Out

#206 #reachingout is something we all need to do sometimes…reach out to a friend or for a friend. Reach out to a stranger in need, or reach out for the familiar touch of a loved one. Reach out to the sky and feel the warm sun on your back…reach out to God. Whatever we are reaching out for, and whoever to, it’s important that when we get to that point we are met by someone who cares. Met by a loving gaze, a reassuring touch, an understanding glance or a gentle kiss, perhaps even an overwhelming sense of God’s Spirit. Are you #reachingout or #responding today? (at Cuddesdon)