#125 #advent is a time for #watchingandwaiting attentively for #jesus in the church calendar. It is a time of great possibility and imminent joy! (at Ripon College Cuddesdon)

What Are You Scared Of?

#124 #faceyourfears Quite randomly I found myself in a field with two horses. Lovely as I know many people think they are, I’ve always been a bit scared of them…I think it’s their size and curiosity as they always seem to come and look me up and down! As it was, they still came to get a closer look, but I just carried on my way, calmly thanking them for their hospitality! They soon lost interest and I felt guilty for having been so scared in the past. During the quiet day at college we were reminded that the only thing we should fear is God…God who will protect and guide us through all else. I agree, but wonder whether this is easier in theory than practice. #whatdoyoufear (at Denton, Oxfordshire)

Quiet Day Reflections

#123 I had a quiet day on Friday in college within which we began to prepare our hearts for advent. The themes were #waitingfearinghoping. As we wait for the birth of Jesus this advent, in a world where there is plenty to fear, let us remember the message of hope that we have: #godlovesus #blessing (at St Mary & St Nicholas Church)

Privilege of Serving

#122 “I am your servant; O grant me understanding that I may know your testimonies.” #psalm119
It seems a little old fashioned to think of servants today, and yet Christians are called to have a #servantheart. For the last two weeks I have been serving in my college community as Church Sacristan but today was my last day and I can hang my cassock back up for a while. As I have served, I have had my eyes opened to so many things, both on a practical and relational level. People who walk through the doors bring the days story or testimony with them. They are looking for God in different ways, needing different things from Him and offering different things to Him. It is a true privilege to watch facilitate and to listen as appropriate. #serving in this way has been one of the most lovely things I have done so far – I highly recommend it! (at Ripon College Cuddesdon)


#121 Friends are such a #blessing and it is so lovely to be reminded that you are thought about and loved. This lovely new friend came through the post today and reminded me how important it is to show people you care…I’ve been smiling all day!#dosomethinglovelytoday (at Ripon College Cuddesdon)

Look Up To The Sky

#120 what do you see when you look up to the #sky? On a fresh winters day I am not surprised to struggle to find the blue sky amongst the clouds. The presence of the sun as well is a blessing indeed. #jesusisthelightoftheworld and the presence of the sun serves as a reminder of God’s presence and blessings on us. #shineasalight (at Ripon College Cuddesdon)

Walk In My Shoes

#119 If you tried to #walkinmyshoes what would you make of my life? Would you make different decisions than me? Would you be able to understand how my experiences have shaped me and my approach to all life throws at me today? Would my shoes take you where they take me? Immediate responses to these questions may well be that of course another person would make different decisions, and that from my shoes alone, they would not gain an understanding of what makes me tick, and therefore they would head off in a different direction…as themselves in someone else’s shoes! So if we cannot get to the bottom of how someone has come to be in the situation they now find themselves, why do we #judge them? When others find themselves in different situations to ours, why do we #envy them? Why do we allow #jealousy into our hearts, or insist on comparing ourselves and our lives to others? We are all #fearfullyandwonderfullymade and we are all unique. Let us celebrate who we are and what we have rather than lust after what others have. How could we better spend our energies within a society where there is great need? #psalm139 (at Ripon College Cuddesdon)

Christ The King

#117 #christtheking What is your image of Jesus? Today the church celebrates Christ as King, but he never looked like a King on earth…or perhaps he did, and our own earthly images of the grandeur of Kings ignore the responsibility that goes with such a role. Either way, a challenging sermon led me to think about how often I deny the kingship of Christ every time I do not help those who need and be Jesus’ hands and feet in the world. What can you do for Jesus this week? (at High Street, High Wycombe)