Tea and Theology


July 2015

#4 True to my teaandtheology username, tea has to form a part of each day! The idea of relaxing with God, my thoughts and a cup of tea is bliss – it rebalances me. It’s really unfortunate that this seems to be a luxury in our busy world!

#3 Change is both positive and negative. When certain elements are unknown, or out of our control, change can be difficult. The change of moving from our home, and renting our home requires both a detachment from material possessions, and trust. I didn’t realise how attached I was to our home until I saw this sign…

#2 So, in thinking about priesthood I’ve been thinking about solitude and sacrifice. Both are necessary; whilst costly, both will bring a deeper understanding of God and His people…

#1 A photo a day for the next two years of my next chapter as an ‘ordinand’! The road ahead seems bear and relatively undecided…and yet there is design and potential in the direction it leads….

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